First King
“One day, the greediest of them sneaked into her sanctuary, and trapped Aetulia in a cage, forcing her to sing only for him. That is how he gained unlimited power over all creatures, and became their first and most terrible king.” — The Narrator

The First King was one of the First Ones, said to be the greediest, who ventured into the Untouched Place under Madronal wherein he trapped Aetulia in a cage, allowing him to use the power of her song to become the first king of the First Ones.

In an attempt to banish the light of Ormagöden from the world, thereby plunging the world back into the darkness the First Ones so craved, he made Aetulia sing to the Fire Beast in order to lure him down, after this succeeded, he and his minions ambushed Ormagöden and tried to put out his fire with mud. Rather than allow this, however, the Fire Beast chose instead to die, exploding with tremendous force and scattering his essence throughout the world. In the process, the First Ones also themselves died, drowning in the oceans newly formed from Ormagöden's blood.

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