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The Narrator is seen here for the only time in-game on the far right.

The First Ones were the first creatures to inhabit the Brütal Land. They were destroyed when Ormagöden exploded, giving life to new species. Though the Narrator managed to survived, and is most likely a First One, as their main characteristic is that of the Tainted Coil only without the S&M gear.


According to the Artifacts of Legend, the First Ones were the first forms of life in the dark desert of the world's early days. They were so hideous that they could not bear to look at each other or themselves, and so they cherished the darkness that hid their forms.

When Ormagöden appeared, his light illuminated the First Ones, revealing their hideous visages. The First Ones escaped to the darkness of the underworld, where they fed from Madronal, the Teated Tree of Drinking. One of the First Ones discovered Madronal's source, the song of Aetulia, and captured her. This First One became his people's first king.

The First Ones used Aetulia to lure Ormagöden into a trap wherein they tried to douse Ormagöden's fiery radiance with mud. With a cry that still echoes to this day, Ormagöden exploded, drowning the First Ones with his blood.

Though the First Ones were destroyed, new life ascended from the seas formed from Ormagöden's blood. The creatures that combined the hideous appearance of the First Ones with the anger of Ormagöden were called the Tainted Coil.