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Fists Shall Fall
Fists Shall Fall
Location Battersmith
Given By Mangus
Previous Tour of Destruction
Next Pilgrimage of Screams
Rewards 30 Fire Tributes
“Mangus, the hour of rock is upon us.” — Eddie Riggs

"Fists Shall Fall" is the ninth story mission in Brütal Legend.


In order to reach Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower, Ironheade must first batter down the walls of Battersmith. Once Eddie Riggs informs Mangus it is battle time, the mission begins and the Megastage is constructed. Unlike the previous battle, however, flying Fan Leeches soar down and cover the Fan Geysers. Shortly after, Eddie's back pain flares up again, and massive, demonic wings sprout out.


Ironheade get ready to rock Battersmith.

The player can now fly and utilise a light beacon used for the move command. After selecting and defeating the first Fan Leech, the battle begins and Hair Metal Militia units step onto the field. In addition, a Bouncer will be operating the mortar cannon atop the wall of Battersmith. The mortar fire will prevent units from getting too close to wall and the Merch Booth closest to it. Once the wall of Battersmith is destroyed, a cutscene will play. Lionwhyte fires the Bouncers from his service, who are soon recruited by Ironheade after saving Lars Halford from certain impalement.


  • The Stage Battle doesn't truly begins until the player lands, and they can command from the air the removal of all the other fan leeches before beginning the fight, which can give an advantage in being able to claim more Fan Geysers in the beginning of the fight.
  • This mission introduces the Command Beacon (the white spotlight that Eddie can place anywhere during stage battles), as well as Eddie's flight ability.
  • It would be in the player's best interest to unlock the two Tab Slabs (Rally Army and Summon Flag) that are in the area before the battle as they will help out immensely.


  • Pure Evil -- Iced Earth
  • Battle Angels -- Sanctuary