Brutal Legend Wiki
A flash pot in action.
“Create a quick flash pot underneath your opponent to pop them off the ground.” — Tour Book

The Flash Pot is a simple starting combo that knocks an enemy into the air.


Flash Pots are designed to pop enemies up into the air in front of the player, allowing them to follow up with a Grand Slam (axe) or Roman Candle (guitar), though the player can just leave them to fall down if they choose. In the campaign, it is unlocked when the player first acquires Clementine in the Temple of Ormagöden, during the mission "Welcome to the Age of Metal".

Depending on the strength of the enemy this attack can either kill or simply stun an enemy unit. Enemies other than basic units will tend to recoil rather than be knocked up by a Flash Pot. It can be trigged by pressing the A, X (Xbox 360) or X, Square (PS3).