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A view of the sky from within the Forest
Vital statistics
Type Location
Continent Western Continent
Region Bladehenge
Inhabitants Ironheade
Location map
Forest Map

The Forest is a wooded area on the Western Continent of the Brütal Land. It lies south of the Spider Lair, and west of the Thunderhorn.


This area is densely packed with trees and collectibles, and is inhabited by Tollusks, Raptor Elk, and Ground Urchins. On the west side of these woods is a long strech of road running from under the Titan Highway to the Spider Lair and down the coastline to the Beach in the north. Players should practice caution when driving here, as there are a series of steep cliffs that will kill them.



  • On the southwest side of the forest and near the Titan Highway, there is an incline that will act as a drop-off, instantly killing the player and destroying the Deuce as if they had driven into water or off a cliff, despite still being on land.


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