Brutal Legend Wiki
Basic ranged infantry
Hit Points 18 (24 upgraded)
Attack Damage 1.5dmg (2dmg upgraded)
Double Team Possession (takes control of an enemy until killed)
Fan Cost 100 (create), 200 (upgrade)
Load 3 (1 unit, 3 load each)
“Let me touch that beautiful hair!” — Drowned Ophelia

The Frightwig is a Drowning Doom ranged infantry unit.


“The Frightwigs are the result of vain women washing their hair in the Sea of Black Tears to give it supernatural luster, strength, and life. Little did they know that after their deaths, their hair would dig its way out of the grave, and pull their heads along with it. A fearsome foe when attacking from afar.” — Tour Book

The Frightwigs are first encountered during "Doom's Dawn", where they attack Ironheade along with other Doom units. In addition to showing up in later missions, they also roam the Swamp and the areas around the Dry Ice Mines and the Black Tears Region. Frightwigs seem to prefer their own company outside of stage battles and are usually encountered on their own, though they will support other Doom units if they come across them fighting with Ironheade or wild animals.


Basic ranged infantry, upgradeable.

Frightwigs use their hair to sling Black Tear projectiles at targets. Unlike the basic ranged units for the other factions, the player only receives one Frightwig per spawn. This is made up for somewhat by the Frightwig's higher health and damage, as well as the fact that it is 'heavier' and not pushed or pulled around as easily as the other basic units.

Double Team[]

Drowned Ophelia tosses the Frightwig onto an enemy unit, forcing it to attack its allies. Frightwigs take a portion of the damage directed at the unit to which they're attached.

When this Double Team is used, Drowned Ophelia will begin carrying the Frightwig around in her arms. Attacking will cause her to throw it at a target enemy: if the Frightwig hits, it will take control of that unit, making it friendly to the Doom.

The Frightwig is incapable of possessing the Overblesser, Warfather, Battle Nun, Bleeding Death or an enemy avatar. The player cannot perform a possessed unit's double team attack either. However, any of the unit's buffs will transfer over when it possessed, and any debuffs will be turned against its former allies.


  • They may be named after the 80s punk-rock group Frightwig.
  • Frightwigs have no spoken dialogue, possibly due to the hair being more living than the actual head.
  • Their locomotion is similar to that of spiders.
  • His similar names easter eggs behind reference to Frightwig Ben 10 Classic or Reboot.