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Support vehicle
Screenshot 2
Hit Points 18
Double Team Stun Note/Healing Boost (AOE stun + healing rate increase)
Support Effects Heals damaged infantry
“And Kill Master, even some of your own men have decided that there is profit to be made from those little spiders of yours.” — General Lionwhyte

The Glamhog is a Hair Metal Militia support vehicle that heals friendly infantry.


“A lot of people don't know this, but the Kill Master can be kind of a jerky boss. These guys know it, though, and that's why they jumped ship. Also, they were sick of wearing black.” — Tour Book

Glamhogs make their debut during the mission "Battle for Bladehenge" alongside the Groupies. They appear again in the Stage Battles between Ironheade and the Militia, but disappear after the battle in "Sanctuary of Sin", like Lionwhyte's other troops.

The Glamhogs are all former Thunderhog riders whom defected to Lionwhyte due to the Kill Master being a jerky boss, having to wear black all the time and, of course, feeling it would be profitable to use the Kill Masters' spiders for their own reasons. They disappear after the events of Sanctuary of Sin.


Support vehicle. Soothing bass jams heal nearby infantry. Effect does not stack with additional Glamhogs.

Like Thunderhogs, Glamhogs use the amps on their trikes to broadcast bass riffs that heal other Militia units.

Double Team[]

Drivable vehicle. General Lionwhyte can take the bass guitar and produce a massive sonic blast, temporarily stunning nearby infantry and vehicles. Healing is also boosted while double teamed.


  • The Glamhogs are voiced by Zach Hanks, Brooks McBeth and Chris Edgerly