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Glitter Fist
Large anti-vehicle melee infantry
Screenshot 1-0
Hit Points 32
Attack Damage 3.5dmg
Double Team Fist Drop (6dmg AOE)
Counter Unit To Vehicles
“Wow. Those new uniforms are shiny!” — Bouncer

The Glitter Fist is a Hair Metal Militia melee infantry unit that specializes in destroying vehicles.


“Doesn't loyalty count for anything these days? When the other guards abandoned General Lionwhyte, these stylish warriors stuck with him. Of course, that was mostly due to the General lying about the benefits package.” — Tour Book

The Glitter Fists appear after Ironheade recruits the Bouncers, whom General Lionwhyte has fired after they failed to hold Battersmith. During "Pilgrimage of Screams", Lionwhyte tries to buy the Ironheade Bouncers back with promises of "slimming" new uniforms, which are the ones the Glitter Fists wear. However, the Bouncers refuse and remain loyal to Ironheade, confronting their former kinsmen soon afterwards.

Glitter Fists often roam the Western Continent with squads of Groupies, looking for trouble. As with Lionwhyte's other minions, they disappear following "Sanctuary of Sin", save for one lone Glitter Fist, who patrols a grassy area near the roadway into the Temple of Ormagöden.

The Glitter Fists seem to be much more sarcastic and mean-spirited than their Bouncer counterparts, as they will insult and laugh at non-Bouncer units for having tiny fists and will often insult other Ironheade units. The Glitter Fists, similar to other Hair Metal Militia units, are quite shallow as they remained with Lionwhyte for nothing more than some shiny outfits and a benefits package which Lionwhyte lied about.


Large melee infantry, vehicle-killer. They use their giant mirror-ball fists to crush enemies and have the same strengths, weaknesses and behaviour as their Bouncer counterparts.

Double Team[]

General Lionwhyte picks up the Glitter Fist and drops him, doing area damage and knocking back small infantry.


  • "Oh man, I just washed my fists!" (when approached by Ironheade units)
  • "Did you say something about my hat?!" (when approached by Ironheade units)
  • "Hahaha! Look at your tiny hands!" (when approached by Ironheade units other than Bouncers)


  • The Glitter Fists are voiced by Josh Robert Thompson, Stephen Stanton, Lex Lang and Gregg Berger.
  • The in-game description of the Glitter Fists accidentally refers to them as Bouncers when describing their Double Team attack.
  • After the campaign is completed, there is one sole Glitter Fist that usually patrols the area near the Buried Metal where 'God of Thunder' by KISS is found. This may be an oversight or a way of showing his support for Lionwhyte.