Brutal Legend Wiki

Here are a few terms that new players might hear or read while playing Brutal Legend, as well as the ones that are the most relevant. Terms are listed in alphabetical order.

*Avatar: The player, or A.I.-controlled character.

*Buff: To make units stronger, and more effective in battle.

*Counter: A Unit that is the most effective against a certain unit.

*Debuff: To make units weaker, and less effective in battle.

*Double Team: To interact with a friendly unit to utilize special attacks.

*Fans: The currency used during the game for Stage Battles in both the campaign, and in Multiplayer.

*Fan Geyser: The mound of earth where fans pour forth.

*Fan Tribute: The solo that is played to build a Merch Booth.

*Guitar Solos: The special abilities, or attacks that The Avatar can use to both help their allies, and to hinder their enemies.

*Load: The size of both the player's army as a whole, and of the individuals in each unit.

*Megastage: The player's base.

*Merch Booth: The tower that the player-controlled Avatar (Doviculus, Drowned Ophelia, Eddie Riggs, and Lionwhyte) builds to channel Fans to their Megastage.