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Grave Digger
Basic melee infantry
Hit Points 8 (12 upgraded)
Attack Damage 0.4dmg (0.6dmg upgraded)
Double Team Burrow (3.5dmg, 5.5dmg upgraded)
Fan Cost 100 (create), 200 (upgrade)
Load 6 (6 units, 1 load each, 36 unit limit)
“This battle is so depressing.” — Grave Digger

The Grave Digger is a Drowning Doom melee infantry unit.


“Grave Diggers are relatively weak on their own, but tend to gather in crowds, where they can work together to overcome opponents and more easily express their individuality.” — Tour Book

The Grave Diggers are first encountered during "Doom's Dawn", where they attack Ironheade alongside other Doom units. They appear as enemies throughout many of the subsequent missions, and frequently skirmish with Ironheade patrols throughout the Zaulian Jungle, Swamps and the lands surrounding the Dry Ice Mines and the Sea of Black Tears.


Basic melee infantry, upgradable.

Grave Diggers attack targets with the shovels they carry. They are less powerful than their counterparts in the Ironheade or Tainted Coil factions, but more of them are created per group (6 individuals, instead of 4). Unlike the Headbangers and the Soul Kissers, the Grave Diggers stand still when idle.

Double Team[]

Drowned Ophelia falls into a Grave Digger's hole and is able to travel beneath the ground; when the time is right, she can burst forth, producing a large explosion. Unlike most Double Team attacks, Ophelia cannot disengage from this double team without actually attacking.

Activating this move will cause the Grave Digger to dig a hole, which Ophelia jumps into. She can then move about underground until the player chooses to attack, at which point she will burst out of the ground, causing an explosion that deals damage to all enemy units near her. While underground, Ophelia cannot be attacked through conventional means, so the player can also use the Double Team defensively. However, it takes a few moments for the Grave Digger to dig the hole, during which the double team can be cancelled with a heavy attack by an enemy avatar.


Anyone got a clove?
— Grave Digger when idle
My wounds are healed... on the outside.
— Grave Digger when being healed
Look! Chickens CAN fly!
— Grave Digger if an enemy avatar flies away
That song makes me want to kill myself... in a good way.
— Grave Digger if Drowned Ophelia plays a solo nearby
You don't understand our suffering!
— Grave Digger when in combat
If you're lucky, we'll kill you BEFORE we bury you!
— Grave Digger when in combat
To put you in the ground would be my cursed honor.
— Grave Digger when idle
Hahahahaha! Some leader!
— Grave Digger after killing enemy avatar
This battle is so depressing.
— Grave Digger when idle
I live to cry another day.
— Grave Digger when idle
I just got a splinter from this stupid thing!
— Grave Digger when idle
Like a giant Raven.
— Grave Digger when Drowned Ophelia flies away
There they are!
— Grave Digger when enemies approach
Look at Ophelia! Commanding the skies!
— Grave Digger when Drowned Ophelia flies away
Shouldn't we be burying something?
— Grave Digger when idle
I just want to keep my head today.
— Grave Digger when idle
Walk the earth.
— Grave Digger when moving to beacon
May I bury you?
— Grave Digger when idle
Lay down and make this easy on yourself.
— Grave Digger when in combat
We are the doom!
— Grave Digger when in combat
Trail of tears.
— Grave Digger when moving to beacon
I rather be drowning than burning!
— Grave Digger when on fire
Here's some more bodies to bury.
— Grave Digger when enemies approach
Okay now I seriously deserve a clove.
— Grave Digger when enemy stage is destroyed
Let me lay you down to sleep.
— Grave Digger when idle
You guys look ridiculous.
— Grave Digger when idle
— Grave Digger when commanded
Every time!
— Grave Digger when their stage is destroyed
What are you doing I was going to bury that one alive!
— Grave digger when Drowned Ophelia kills an enemy


  • The Grave Diggers are voiced by Johnny Hawkes, Matt Mercer, Craig Marker, and Yuri Lowenthal. 2 out of 4 of the voices go unused due to never being setup in the game files (possibly due to time constraints).
  • The appearance of the Grave Diggers resembles that of The Cure's lead singer, Robert Smith.
  • Grave Diggers can lose both their head and free arm when damaged, but can still move and attack. Healing effects do not regenerate their lost body parts.
  • Despite seeing the fan blast that occurs when an avatar hits a Merch Booth or Fan Leech, the Grave Digger double-team still does damage. This can be useful at the beginning of a multiplayer match, as it takes quite a bit of time for one group of Grave Diggers to get rid of a Leech, while four or five double-teams will take it out quickly.
  • The Grave Diggers have the single biggest squad size in the game (6, in a 3 man wide by 2 man deep formation) akin to the "6" position on a die.
  • A Grave Digger was seen playing Six-Stringed Sorrow in the PC port announcement trailer.