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Ground Urchin
Ground urchin
Habitat Western Continent
Disposition Passive
Speed Slow
Double Team Punt attack makes Urchin explode, killing it and knocking enemies back
Summoned Ground Urchin
Small Melee Infantry
Hit Points ???
Fan Cost NA
Load 4 (4 units, 1 load Each, 4 unit limit)
Special Traits Summoned via "Call of the Wild" Solo (requires Megastage Lvl. 2 in Multiplayer Mode)

The Ground Urchin is a small porcupine-like creature that inhabits the Western Continent of the Brütal Land.


The carcass of Ground Urchin in the Hunter's Camp.

Ground Urchins are small, steel-quilled animals that spend most of their time wandering the hills and plains surrounding Bladehenge. They are passive and will attempt to flee if attacked, but lack the speed to escape most aggressors. When killed or run over, the Ground Urchin explodes, sending its steel quills in all directions. This deals minor damage and knocks over basic infantry units in melee range. Over time, this can destroy the Deuce.

Double Team[]

Eddie can pick up a Ground Urchin if first stunned with a Shocker attack. While he is carrying it, Eddie can attack by punting it into a target, causing the Urchin to explode upon contact with either the taget or the ground.


  • The Quill Tosser achievement requires the player to kill a Tollusk using only the Ground Urchin's Double Team attack.
  • After completing the Overslaughter hunting side missions, The Hunter grants the player a steel-quilled axe resembling the Ground Urchin's quills.