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Basic ranged infantry
Screenshot 3
Hit Points 8
Attack Damage 0.7dmg
Double Team Shoulder Blast (3.5dmg)
“The more sophisticated miners have remained in my employ, as have the girls who know what's good for them.” — General Lionwhyte

The Groupie is a Hair Metal Militia ranged infantry unit.


“Some accuse the Groupies of biting the Razor Girls' style, but they maintain that they were doing it first and that they are only here for the music.” — Tour Book

Groupies are first encountered when the Hair Metal Militia attacks Bladehenge in "Battle for Bladehenge". They then can be found all over the Western Continent, often with a Glitter Fist escort once "Pilgrimage of Screams" is completed. They disappear after the events of "Sanctuary of Sin".

The Groupies stayed loyal to Lionwhyte even though he enslaved them in his Pleasure Tower, and it is highly hinted that the reason they stayed loyal to him was due to them having a sexual interest in him, particularly with his hair. When asked by the Razor Girls, why the Groupies stayed with Lionwhyte the responses were mixed. One Razor Girl claimed the reason they stayed was because of self-esteem problems, while another said the problem was too much booze.


Basic ranged infantry. The counterpart to Ironheade's Razor Girls, they have exactly the same behaviour, using a pink variation of the Razor Bow to shoot energy bolts at their targets.

Double Team[]

“All right, let's have the bird with the monobrow.” — General Lionwhyte

A Groupie hops onto General Lionwhyte's shoulders, allowing him to select targets for an enhanced-damage attack.

Of all the Double Team attacks available to him, Lionwhyte seems most inclined to use this one against the player.


  • The Groupies are voiced by Nika Futterman, Rebecca Corey, Talor Dooley and Cindy Marinangel.
  • The Groupies seem attracted to some of the Ironheade units as they constantly say "Wanna make out?" or "I still find them doable" or "Hey some of these guys are kind of cute".
  • In real life, Groupies are fans of the band (usually female) who show their adoration through sexual favors and various other methods, usually out of some sort of emotional attachment to the band members or an attempt at gaining a higher status.