Guillotar Ride
Habitat Area around the Sea of Black Tears
Disposition Defensive (will fight back if attacked)
Locomotion Walking
Speed Very slow except when double teamed. fast when double teamed
Attacks Guillotine (drops guillotine blades on enemy)
Double Team Guillotine (drops guillotine blades on enemy)
The Guillotar is an amalgam of beast and execution device that lives in the dark lands surrounding the Sea of Black Tears.


The Guillotar consists of a sloth-like animal that controls two huge guillotines that act as its legs and as a device for attacking its prey. It also has a large pendulum axe blade for a tail, but it does not use this when attacking.

Double TeamEdit

Eddie can Double Team with the Guillotar after stunning it. It needs to be hit with Shocker five times before it becomes stunned and ridable. When Eddie is riding it, however, the Guillotar can move at a canter not unlike many other rideable animals, allowing it to get close to ranged enemies much faster. The guillotine attack is also quite fast, but limited to the area underneath the Guillotar and next to its feet. Fast enemies like Reapers can usually evade the attack unless they are led.


  • When Eddie defeats the Guillotar for the Overslaughter Saga, he remarks they looked like "they almost wanted to die."
  • It is possible, though tricky to ride a Guillotar out of the Haunted Forest and all the way to Bladehenge.



Riding a Guillotar is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Beast Master
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Rode every animal in the world.