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Basic melee infantry
Hit Points 10
Attack Damage 0.6dmg
Double Team Mosh Pit (0.8dmg)
Hairbanger #1: Bro, I don't see what you're so worried about.

Hairbanger #2: Well, I mean... It's not the strength.
Hairbanger #1: You've totally got the strength.

Hairbanger #2: Thanks, bro. I've got more of a problem with... control.”
— Hairbangers

The Hairbanger is a Hair Metal Militia melee infantry unit.


“Tainted by greed and bad taste, General Lionwhyte's Hairbangers are his first line of defense on the battlefield.” — Tour Book

Hairbangers are first seen when Eddie enters the Crushing Pit to free the Headbangers in "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell". They are encountered in many missions thereafter, with their final appearance in "Sanctuary of Sin".

After the completion of "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell", Hairbangers are found in groups all over the Western Continent, mainly along the roads and in the desert area near Battersmith. They disappear after the events of "Sanctuary of Sin".

The personality of the Hairbangers is one that is mainly self centered, shallow and greedy. The Hairbangers seem to be very optimistic in their relationship with General Lionwhyte, and being enslaved (such as when they describe their relationship with Mittens as a "partnership"). Their dialogue indicates that they view themselves more as employees in a business rather than soldiers in an army, referring to the war as a "project" and Lionwhyte as their "boss" rather than "General". However, this is mostly due to him lying about them making it into the Pleasure Tower, and thus have access to "Chicks n' Booze n' Stuff". However they are not truly loyal to Lionwhyte, for when the Tower collapses they, along with all of the other Hair Metal Militia units, abandon Lionwhyte, thus showing they are not truly commited to his cause.


Basic melee infantry. Like Headbangers, they attack with headbutts and display similar behaviour in combat.

Double Team[]

Hairbangers gather around General Lionwhyte in a circular mosh pit. Most small infantry that approach will be knocked back and suffer moderate damage.


Of course.
— when Lionwhyte commands them
Beat it, dirtbag!
— if Eddie tries to talk to them at the beginning of "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell"
Hey dude! Take this seriously!
— when health is low
Man, the Pit Boss is totally on the rag today.
— when Mittens orders them to smash the Grinding Gyre's supports
Go wash your hair!
— if Eddie tries to talk to them at the beginning of "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell"
Hey, where'd everybody go? Sometimes it's like I'm the only one who takes this project seriously!
— when a Hairbanger is the last surviving unit of a Militia group
Lionwhyte said we have to kick your butt!
— when approached during free roam


  • The Hairbangers are voiced by Eric Artell, Mark Derwin, Josh Polluk and Johnny Hawkes.
  • During the "March to Impalement" mission, the two Hairbangers manning the control station can be heard talking about their hair maintenance routine, if they aren't attacked immediately.