Ranged vehicle
Screenshot 6
Hit Points 48
Attack Damage 3.5dmg
Double Team Explosive Bolt (3.5dmg AOE)
“Based on General Lionwhyte's legendary defensive installation in The Cleave of the Impaler, the Hairsplitter is a ranged vehicle that is both powerful and versatile.” — Tour Book

The Hairsplitter is a Hair Metal Militia ranged vehicle.

Story Edit

Hairsplitters are a Headsplitter variant that may appear during the stage battle "Sanctuary of Sin". They are not seen again outside of the mission.


General-purpose ranged vehicle. Like Headsplitters, they attack from a stationary position using a long-range bolt thrower inside their skull.

Double TeamEdit

Drivable vehicle. General Lionwhyte can aim and fire the Hairsplitter's weapon, doing higher than normal damage.


  • As with the Watt-R-Boys, there is no guarantee that Hairsplitters will appear during a playthrough of "Sanctuary of Sin", though it seems influenced by whether Lionwhyte is able to capture enough Fan Geysers.