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The announcement of the new DLC pack.

Hammer of Infinite Fate is the second add-on made available for Brütal Legend. It includes three new outfits for Eddie, four paint jobs and four upgrades for the Deuce, four multiplayer maps, six effigies for Mount Rockmore and nine new Achievements. It was released on December 15th, 2009 on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 400 MS points and on the PlayStation Store for $4.99.


Threads are a set of three new outfits for Eddie. Each outfit has an associated achievement/trophy.

  • Mountain Man - Heavier clothing for colder weather with a full beard. Unlocked after "Doom's Dawn" is completed.
  • Black Metal - Traditional black metal threads and face paint, which mourns the lost souls who succumbed to the Sea of Black Tears. Available after unlocking the first Motor Forge.
  • Zaulia Threads - Black studded leather giving homage to the Zaulia tribe. Unlocked after "A Number Of The Beasts" is completed.

Each outfit can be further adorned with one of seven Back Patches - Crew, Double Fine logo, Ironheade logo, Kabbage Boy logo, Ace of Spades, Iron Cross, and Ormagöden.

The Deuce upgrades[]



Mount Rockmore Effigies[]


Upon release of the second DLC, an update was released. Changes included changing Call of the Wild to summoning from the stage and imposing it and the Tick Choppers to the load limit. Avatar health was severely decreased, making them much more vulnerable in combat and prone to being defeated easily by certain double teams. However, Xbox LIVE matchmaking was still unable to give random teammates.


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