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Hate Cage
Massive ranged infantry
Hate Cage Profile
Hit Points ??
Attack Damage 2.2dmg
Double Team Stomp (10dmg AOE knockback)
Support Effects Healing (for the Overblesser who spawned it)
Debuff Effects Armor decrease (for all nearby enemies)
Fan Cost 300
Load 5 (1 unit, 5 load each)
“What's up with Crazy Legs?” — Eddie Riggs

The Hate Cage is a Tainted Coil ranged infantry unit.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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“The Hate Cage is really two distinct creatures - the gigantic (if mindless) legs and the caged demon, who is nothing more than a twisted lump of pure, unfiltered hate.” — Tour Book

The Hate Cages are first encountered in "Welcome to the Age of Metal", where they attempt to crush Eddie Riggs and Ophelia during their escape from the Temple of Ormagöden. Later in the mission, they are seen on the collapsing bridge, where most of them fall into the holes that are constantly breaking open.

They are also seen patrolling Bladehenge prior to "Deliver the Metal", when Eddie and Lita Halford return to the area to look for scaffolding.

They may also appear in "Abomination Overdrive", during the Stage Battle between Ironheade and the Tainted Coil.


Massive ranged infantry, summoned only through an Overblesser. Caged demon spits liquid hate at enemies. Any foes standing near the cage will also be soaked in hate, causing them to take more damage from attacks.

The Hate Cage attacks via the demon in its cage, who spits projectiles at targets from a distance. It also debuffs any enemy units that are near it, increasing the damage they take from attacks, though this debuff has a fairly small radius.

Double Team[]

“Pilot the Cage to decimate the enemy, and initiate a powerful stomp attack when it amuses you to do so.” — Instruction Manual

Ridable infantry. The Cage has a powerful stomp attack.

When the player is riding the Hate Cage, attacking makes it stomp with one foot on the ground slightly in front of it. Although it holds its foot up for a few moments before stamping, the attack causes both damage and knockback on all targets underfoot.


What a view!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Ha ha ha! I love it up here!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Time for a Hate Parade.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Let's put all this hate to use.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming