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Haunted Forest
Black Skies
The Skull Moon seen around the Black Tear region.
Vital statistics
Type Location
Continent Eastern Continent
Inhabitants Drowning Doom
Location map
Black Tear Region

The Haunted Forest is an area on the Eastern Continent of the Brütal Land. It is home to the Sea of Black Tears and, as such, is the homeland of Drowned Ophelia and the Drowning Doom


This area covers the southern half of the Eastern Continent just below the Swamp, with the jungle of the Zaulia residing on the northern half, and is the larger of the two regions. The region is characterised by cathedrals, landmasses shaped like groping, skeletal fingers, a dark, cloudy sky, a skull moon, and creepy music when the Mouth of Metal is muted. Indigenous to this land are the various black tear creatures such as Sickle Wraiths and Reaper Steeds, rats, and drowning doom units.





  • It is possible, though tricky, to drive up and down the spiraling tree in the Deuce.


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