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Basic Melee Infantry
Hit Points 10 (15 upgraded)
Attack Damage 0.6dmg (0.8dmg upgraded)
Double Team Mosh Pit (0.8dmg, 1.5dmg upgraded)
Fan Cost 100 (create), 200 (upgrade)
Load 4 (4 units, 1 load each, 10 unit limit)
“You start a revolution, Lars.” — Eddie Riggs

The Headbanger is an Ironheade melee infantry unit.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The Headbangers are humanity's strongest young men, forced to labour in General Lionwhyte's mines for years with no tools or equipment, breaking solid rock with nothing but their own thick skulls. Over time, some of them grew to believe that the only way they might leave the mines would be to work hard enough to be promoted to guards in Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower, where there would be "piles of chicks 'n' booze 'n' stuff." These men adopted higher-toned voices, bright, stylized hair and the glam sense of style, becoming Hairbangers.

After Eddie Riggs arrives in the Age of Metal, he compromises with Ophelia to rescue the men first who will then help to rescue the women. They are first seen and liberated during the mission "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell". When Eddie first sees them, they are using their heads to mine the Crushing Pit. To raise their spirits, he plays the Battle Cry solo.

Upon hearing Heavy Metal for the first time, they quickly join him and his new revolution. Eddie Riggs continues through the mines, recruiting new Headbangers whilst defeating the Hairbangers still loyal to Lionwhyte. After killing Mittens, Eddie plays Battle Cry again through Mittens' speaker to recruit the rest en masse and fend off the remaining Bouncer forces. In honour of them, he names the new army Ironheade, with an "e" at the end so people would know that they weren't messin' around.


“Slow of mind, but thick of skull, the mighty Headbangers of Ironheade are both the group's namesake and the very soul of its melee forces.” — Tour Book

Basic melee infantry, upgradeable. Best used against basic ranged infantry or in support of stronger individual units.

Double Team[]

Headbangers gather around Eddie in a circular mosh pit. Most small infantry that approach will be knocked back and suffer moderate damage.

It is best used when the player is near a group of Headbangers, as that ensures the mosh pit will be full. When it is, the mosh pit can be used to clear away groups of basic melee infantry - Soul Kissers, Grave Diggers, Hairbangers or (in multiplayer) other Headbangers. It can sometimes be useful against stronger enemies, especially if their attacks can be interrupted by recoil from a hit.

A mosh pit can have a maximum of sixteen Headbangers in it at once.


Shreddy Eddie!
— Headbanger when Eddie plays a solo nearby
— Headbanger when Eddie plays his guitar
I like black, but you guys take it, like, way too far!
— Headbanger when in combat with Drowning Doom units
Whatever, I like being on fire!
— Headbanger if set on fire
Ahh, yeah, my back!
— Headbanger when being healed
I'm on ya, lasagna.
— Headbanger when being told to follow
It is the pounding of Creation's Hammer, on the Anvil of Time...
— Headbanger upon first hearing Heavy Metal
I like this song; have you guys ever heard it?
— Headbanger when idle
Do you think Lars shaves his chest?
— Headbanger when idle
Why am I on fire!?
— Headbanger if set on fire
I hate being on fire!
— Headbanger if set on fire
Who do you think is hotter: Lita or Ophelia?
— Headbanger when idle
Where you going, Eddie?
— Headbanger when Eddie flies away
Haven't done a mosh pit in a while.
— Headbanger when idle
Hey, I know you! Weren't you on the gyre?
— Headbanger when idle
Look at these freaks.
— Headbanger referring to tainted coil
These guys look kinda kinky.
— Headbanger referring to tainted coil
Do you guys see the light he's talking about?
— Headbanger when idle
Okay, I'm all rested up - ready to go.
— Headbanger when idle
You know, I don't think we need anymore guys. I think this is enough to finish the job.
— Headbanger when idle
Put it out of its misery!
— Headbanger when Doviculus is near death
I'll bet we look awesome when we do this!
— Headbanger when double teaming
Ring around the roadie, come on.
— Headbanger when double teaming
Hey, I don't wanna jinx it - but I think we're winning!
— Headbanger when idle
Those creeps better not come this way if they know what's good for 'em.
— Headbangers referring to Tainted Coil units
My neck's not even sore - how's yours?
— Headbanger when idle
I need somethin' to smash!
— Headbanger when idle
Beats any day in the mines... am I right?
— Headbanger when idle
This is one crazy day, huh fellas?
— Headbanger when idle
I wonder if my back will ever straighten out?
— Headbanger when idle
I'm not feeling good.
— Headbanger when near death
What's that mommy?
— Headbanger when near death
Somebody pour a beer on me!
— Headbanger when set on fire
I see freaks right now!
— Headbanger when attacking Tainted Coil units
Don't get your demon blood on me!
— Headbanger after killing a Tainted Coil unit


  • The Headbangers are voiced by Brooks McBeth, Eric Artwell, Mark Derwin and Daryl Kurylo.
  • The Headbangers are clearly based off of the act of "headbanging", or the act of banging one's head up and down violently as a sort of salute or admiration when listening to Heavy Metal.
  • There are three unique Headbangers Eddie meets in his travels:
  • If, during the Double Team, they run into a destructible object (sign, cleave bolt, etc.), they will make a remark as though they have killed something.