Brutal Legend Wiki
General-purpose Ranged Vehicle
Hit Points 48
Attack Damage 3.5dmg
Double Team Explosive Bolt (3.5dmg AOE)
Counter Unit To Most units at range
Fan Cost 250
Load 5 (1 unit, 5 load each, 8 unit limit)
“I can't believe you guys made this thing, it's awesome!” — Eddie Riggs

The Headsplitter is an Ironheade ranged vehicle.


“Based on General Lionwhyte's legendary defensive installation in the Cleave of the Impaler, the Headsplitter is a ranged vehicle that is both powerful and versatile.” — Tour Book

The Headsplitter is the first offensive vehicle unit Ironheade acquires, obtained during "Sanctuary of Sin". Unusually, it is one of the few pieces of Ironheade equipment that Eddie Riggs did not build himself. A trio of Headbangers, upon finding a fallen chunk of Lionwhyte's defense installations in The Cleave of the Impaler, reverse-engineered it and mounted it on the chassis of a hot rod. The trio can be found before Stage Battles in the main storyline, polishing up their ride and maintaining it.


General-purpose ranged vehicle. The large skull mounted on the vehicle contains a ballista weapon; when in use, the skull splits in half to raise the ballista to a firing position, hence their name.

The Headsplitter is an excellent ranged support unit, particularly when the player is unable to get their Bouncers near enemy vehicles. The Headsplitter has the longest range of Ironheade's units and deals enough damage that only counter-vehicle units are likely to destroy them easily.

Double Team[]

The Headsplitter opens up.

Drivable vehicle. Eddie can aim and fire the Headsplitter's weapon, doing higher than normal damage.

The Headsplitter's spears can be fired much faster than normal and they explode when they hit their target or the ground. They have a slight arc in their trajectory, so the player may need to aim higher at greater distances.


  • Although there are three Headbangers who maintain the Headsplitter between battles, they are not seen on the unit itself during combat. It is possible that it is self-automated in the same way that the Tower Impalers from the Cleave are.
  • Headsplitters can be found driving around with Ironheade patrols in free roam after the main story is complete.
  • The Headsplitters, when deployed during a Double Team resembles a Roman Ballista.
  • It is not advised to try and attack things directly behind The Headsplitter due to the fact that it takes awhile for it, when deployed, to turn around before it can re-acquire a target.