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Drowned Ophelia and the Coffinmobile
“Hey look Eddie, I finally got myself a car. It's got a special seat in the back...just for you.” — Drowned Ophelia

The Hearse is Drowned Ophelia's personal vehicle, summoned in multiplayer via the Summon Hearse guitar solo.


As the name suggests, the Hearse is essentially a hot rod with a coffin in the back. In single player, it is only seen during the mission "The Unhealing Wound", when Eddie Riggs first encounters her.


The Hearse, seen in the Doom's Mire multiplayer map.

The Hearse is available to Drowning Doom players in multiplayer stage battles. Because the Hearse only appears in multiplayer, where all players can fly at great speeds, and because it cannot be upgraded or armed, it isn't particularly useful for transportation. It can still be used however, to shield the player from damage, run down enemies, or escape if affected by the Anvil of Burden.

Distinct Features[]

Here is a list of some of the unique characteristics and aesthetics of the Hearse:

  • Rear fins that look like they are made of black tears.
  • A frame for a license plate in the rear (and the ONLY player-summoned vehicle to feature this).
  • A skull on the front of the engine block (that peeks out of the hood).
  • Quad headlights (two on each side).
  • The "Landau Bars", which are the "S"-shaped decorations that are also featured on Real-World Hearses.
  • Organ pipe style exhaust that comes out of the engine.
  • White walled wheels.


  • In Drowning Doom mirror matches in multiplayer, The Hearse that is controlled by the player will be ALL purple. and the flames will be all but invisible save for the outlines, which give the flames a ghost look (no pun intended).
  • Due to the size of the air intakes and the centrally mounted steering wheel it should be impossible to see anything while driving.