Brutal Legend Wiki
Heart Cutter
Anti-vehicle ranged vehicle
Hit Points 64
Attack Damage 8dmg
Double Team Impale (8dmg AOE)
Support Effects Healing (for the Overblesser who spawned it)
Counter Unit To Vehicles
Fan Cost 250
Load 5 (1 unit, 5 load each)
“Do not worry! This isn't MY heart.” — Doviculus

The Heart Cutter is a Tainted Coil ranged vehicle that specializes in destroying vehicles.


“The Heart Cutter's sacrificial hearts are selected for muscle mass, blood flow, and ripeness. Originally human victims were used, but the Druids (who are otherwise unrelentingly vicious) proved more squeamish than Doviculus had expected.” — Tour Book

Ranged vehicle, anti-vehicle specialist, summoned only through an Overblesser.

These vehicles carry large hearts on a sacrificial altar, which are attended to by a single Druid. The Druid can attack by stabbing the heart with his dagger, which causes several large dagger blades to shoot up from the ground beneath a target, impaling them. This is especially damaging to vehicles. Targets hit by these blades will be stuck in mid-air for a few moments, preventing them from moving.

Double Team[]

Doviculus double teams with a Heart Cutter.

Drivable vehicle. The Druid stabs Doviculus himself in the heart, producing an array of deadly blades at the targeted location. When the player chooses to attack, the Heart Cutter will stop and a ground target reticle will appear. Attacking again will cause a large number of blades to erupt from wherever the reticle is placed, impaling all targets in the area.


These will surely help me take some cars off the road!
— Doviculus referring to Heart Cutters while Double-Teaming with an Overblesser
Yes, I do need some help tearing apart these cars.
— Doviculus referring to Heart Cutters while Double-Teaming with an Overblesser
Oh, these just love cars to bits!
— Doviculus referring to Heart Cutters while Double-Teaming with an Overblesser
Vehicles of all sizes simply faint when they see these coming.
— Doviculus referring to Heart Cutters while Double-Teaming with an Overblesser
Do not touch this holy altar!
— Druid when Heart Cutter is attacked
The insect has been squashed.
— Druid when enemy Avatar is killed by Heart Cutter
Let me be the sacrifice.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
Drive your dagger into me!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
My heart yearns to serve the Coil.
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
My heart shall launch a thousand blades!
— Doviculus while Double-Teaming
I am ready for the ritual, whenever you say.
— Druid while Double-Teaming
To whom shall we make our offering?
— Druid while Double-Teaming
I am your servant.
— Druid while Double-Teaming
Your sacrifice will always be remembered.
— Druid while Double-Teaming
Goodbye, my Emperor.
— Druid as Doviculus dismounts
So powerful...
— Druid as Doviculus dismounts
Thank you, my lord.
— Druid as Doviculus dismounts
Well, back to this sad, old pump I guess.
— Druid as Doviculus dismounts
Sweet, merciful Doviculus.
— Druid as Doviculus dismounts


  • The Druid that pilots the Heart Cutter is the only one encountered in gameplay outside of the beginning and end parts of the solo campaign.
  • Using the double-team attack on an enemy avatar will not work if they are in the middle of a solo.
  • Using the double-team attack on an enemy avatar several times in a row sometimes makes the avatar slide off the spikes and slowly float up to the highest flying height they can, but they cannot move. This only happens to AI controlled avatars, most likely due to their programming to fly away if they get too hurt conflicting with them being stunned. They can still create units while stuck, however, and they can be killed if launched on certain maps and close enough to a higher area where you can use guitar attacks on them.