Habitat Death's Clutch
Speed Slow
Double Team Stomps the ground, knocking enemies back
“Take no shame in being felled by the mighty hextadon.” — Eddie Riggs, when killing an opponent during a double team.

The Hextadon is a creature in Brütal Legend and the biggest animal in all the Brütal Land.


The large beasts thunder over Death's Clutch, the only location where they can be found. They are the last animal that needs to be slain in the Hunter Side Missions. In single player, They can be summoned via the Call of the Wild solo when the Overslaughter side missions have been completed.


In multiplayer, Hextadons can be summoned via the Call of the Wild solo when the Megastage is fully upgraded. Avatars can then double team with the beasts to deal high amounts of damage to the enemy.


  • The name, Hextadon, is derived from the name of the ancient extinct beast, the Mastodon and "Hex", which is Greek for "six', a reference to 666.
    • There is also a band Mastodon, who in one of their albums has a song titled "Iron Tusk", which the Hextadon has. Two Mastadon tracks are featured on the Brütal Legend Soundtrack.
  • The first DLC for Brütal Legend is called Tears of the Hextadon. One of the maps included is Death's Fjord, which contains Hextadons frozen in ice.
  • The Special Edition of Brütal Legend contains a guitar pick styled to look like a Hexadon's tooth.
  • Ormagöden is most likely their ancestor.



Riding, jumping over, and killing Hextadons are requirements to unlock the following achievements/trophies:

Beast Master
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Rode every animal in the world.

Coolest Thing Ever
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Jumped over a Hextadon in the Deuce.

Bronze PS3 Bronze
Completed all hunting secondary missions.