“How dare you! I made you possible!” — Doviculus

The Humans are a race created by the Tainted Coil in a botched attempt to bring back the Titans.


When their masters abandoned them, the Demons searched the world for any trace of them, but all they ever found was a single shred of a toenail. The Coil preformed a series of dark and bloody rituals on the nail to reanimate it, but they could only ever create tiny replicas of them. These smaller versions that spawned from this became known as the race of Man, who were soon despised and enslaved by their demon creators.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Though they are enslaved during the Age of Metal, Humans inherit the Titan's legacy and become the sovereign race during the Age of Modern Man. The Demon Emperor Succoria came here with a small band of slaves, only to be disheartened by the knowledge of her people's eventual demise. Ironically, this single event would be the incident that allowed Man's salvation.