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“ It's harder for me. Mine has four necks!” — Doviculus

Doviculus's guitar close up.

The Hydra, a four-necked guitar, is Doviculus' ranged weapon that can also play guitar solos. It is only seen once in the Brütal Campaign, during the opening cutscene of the mission Abomination Overdrive.


Doviculus's guitar in multiplayer.

Doviculus somehow manages to store this large guitar inside his chest cavity, alongside his heart. It appears to be heavier than the guitars used by other avatars, as it causes him to fall to his knees when playing a solo. When deployed, the guitar unfolds from his chest, and is stored in his chest (via folding into five seperate parts) the second it is no longer being used.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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During the mission "Abomination Overdrive", Doviculus plays a solo to summon forth a Black Tear Monster made from the cathedral at the end of the Sea of Black Tears.



  • The Hydra's four necks are inspired by Michael Angelo Batio's "The Quad Guitar".
  • The Hydra, when put away, disassembles into small parts before retracting back into Doviculus's chest cavity.