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The wall-mounted Impaler Tower in the Cleave.
“This is gonna be a cinch! Ah, of course! Unless they start mountin' those fuckers on the walls. Damn!” — Eddie Riggs

The Impaler Tower are defence systems installed by General Lionwhyte in the Cleave of the Impaler and Pleasure Tower. All of the towers are destroyed during the "March to Impalement" and "Sanctuary of Sin" missions.


These powerful installations eliminate any visible threat within its range. There are two variants: the towers and the wall-mounted turrets. Both are equally deadly, and each requires a specific method of destruction. The former can be destroyed by the stealthy Roadies, whereas the latter can only be deactivated by destroying the remote controllers. When exploring the world, they will pose a threat to the player before the former is completed, and will effectively prevent them from reaching the Eastern Continent until then.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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The Impaler Towers prevent any hostile target from entering or escaping the Pleasure Tower, thus trapping the Razor Girls within. Ophelia subverts this situation by utilising the stealthy Roadie units to smuggle the girls out. Later, when Ironheade begins its revolution proper, Eddie Riggs realises he must get past these towers in order to confront and defeat the Hair Metal Militia. After acquiring the amps needed from the Screaming Wall, Eddie Riggs and the Roadies traversed the Cleave and destroyed all of the towers they came across. They destroyed one tower on the way in, then remotely deactivated the two wall-mounted variants before annihilating the final tower at the exit. The final two towers were destroyed in the following battle with Lionwhyte's forces.

Though eventually they were all destroyed, they live on through the Headsplitter units employed by Ironheade's Headbangers. These vehicular marvels were swiftly reverse-engineered by the Headbangers just in time for the final battle. These units can be used by Eddie Riggs in later stage battles, and are found patrolling the Western Continent.