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Ironheade Sneak Attack
Sneak Attack
Location Various
Given By Headbangers
Rewards 25 Fire Tributes
“Let's piss on this fire and get ourselves hid.” — Eddie Riggs

Ironheade Sneak Attack is a type of side mission in Brütal Legend.


Eddie speaks with a group of guerrillas.

This mission is started by approaching an Ironheade camp site staging an ambush. The mission is given by the group of four Headbangers standing around the fire. The mission objective is to kill all the enemy troops whilst keeping at least one Ironheade unit alive.

This mission occurs in more locations than any other type of side mission.

Brütal Defeat[]

The mission will fail if:

  • The player dies.
  • All friendly units die.
  • An enemy escapes.
  • The player leaves the battle area.