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It's Raining Death
It's Raining Death
Location Pleasure Tower
Given By Mangus
Previous Sanctuary of Sin
Next Doom's Dawn
Rewards 30 Fire Tributes
“Dude, how bout this? How about you take off your fuckin' diaper, lay down your little baby foo foo, and go do your fucking job right now!” — Eddie Riggs

"It's Raining Death" is the thirteenth story mission in Brütal Legend.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Mangus explains they cannot move on, as the ruins of Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower have blocked the road. Ophelia tells them that they could go around through the old aqueduct, but Lita winds her up, saying Ophelia would want that since it leads down to the Sea of Black Tears on the other side. Mangus warns them all that it's too dangerous because the hills are "Fire Baron country", but Eddie tells him to take off his diaper, and do his job. Lita expresses her doubts about continuing the campaign to Lars, but her brother reassures her that only good times lie ahead. As he says this, a shadow passes across them and they look up to see Emperor Doviculus hovering above.

The group quickly hides in a nearby fountain as Doviculus lands and looks around, calling out to Succoria. He asks why she lives among Ironheade, and that her mission was to spy on them, not join them. Lita, through instinct, believes Succoria is Ophelia. Doviculus explains he could smell her blood at the Temple, just as he can now. He throws a dagger on the floor, which Eddie recognises as the one Ophelia stabbed through a Druid's hand back in the Temple of Ormagöden. Doviculus then asks for Succoria to help him wage war and not to live amongst humans another day.

This infuriates Lars, who jumps out of hiding and confronts Doviculus. Doviculus asks who he is, and Lars proudly states that the free humans have named him their king. Doviculus then impales Lars using his glaive, and throws him to the floor, content that if Lars is the best of them, then he has little to be concerned about. Lita screams and rushes out, followed by the others, but Lars is swiftly bleeding to death. He asks Eddie to look after Lita, and then passes away. Eddie tells them to get Lars onto the bus, then draws his axe as Ophelia draws her blades, ready to attack Doviculus. The Emperor is unconcerned though and doesn't even turn around as the two approach. He merely snaps his fingers and a huge iron maiden hits the ground in front of Eddie, knocking him down. The device bursts open, letting out a massive and deformed beast, the Bleeding Death.

As the Bleeding Death swings at them, Eddie tells Mangus to get everybody on the bus and that Ophelia and he will catch up. Eddie and Ophelia climb into the Deuce, and Eddie starts to drive.


Open The Aqueduct

The player must now escape the Pleasure Dome before the horde of Bleeding Deaths, summoned by Doviculus, corner and kill them.

Although this mission is straightforward in that the path is fairly obvious (drive in whatever direction is not blocked by falling debris), the Bleeding Death that are constantly being deployed from iron maidens can sometimes get in the way. This can be deadly, as these monstrosities only need to hit the Deuce two or three times to destroy it, which kills the player automatically. The player cannot bowl through them either and they are far too durable to kill without being surrounded by others. The player's only viable option is to drive fast and avoid them.

The player should keep in mind that their goal is to get to the aqueduct the Tour Bus is seen driving through at the start of gameplay.

After they have driven for a while, the player will smash through a window and drop back down to the steps near the top of the Pleasure Dome. From here, they should make their way down to the lowest part of the Pleasure Dome. As they approach the star-shaped entrance to the Cleave, debris will fall in front of it, at which point they player should turn to the right, heading for the corner where the aqueduct is.


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