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Kage the Kannonier
Mortar Operator
Gender Male
Race Bouncer
Faction Ironheade
Hair Color Brown, thinning
Skin Tone Light
Weapons Mortar (fist-operated mortar cannon)
“Oh man! Fuck all those fucking fucks!” — Kage

Kage the Kannonier is a Bouncer on Mortar Cannon duty who gives the player the "Summon Fiery Death" side missions. When he is first encountered in the game, he admits to having problems aiming correctly (because he doesn't lead his targets). Eddie Riggs helps him improve his accuracy.


He has a higher intelligence compared to other Bouncers (like Mittens) but is neurotic and doesn't take criticism well. He is distinguished from other Bouncers by wearing a shirt with a fist about to hit the cannon fire button. He has lifted his Bouncers' executioner mask up from his head, keeping his face unobscured.


  • Kage is modelled after and voiced by Kyle Gass, Jack Black's partner in the band, Tenacious D. In addition, 'Kage' is actually one of Kyle Gass's nicknames. Kyle also appears in almost every Jack Black film with some sort of role in the cast.


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