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Kill Master's Mercy
Kill Master's Mercy
Location Tophat Mountain
Given By Lars
Previous Exploited in the Bowels of Hell
Next Lair of the Metal Queen
Rewards 30 Fire Tributes
“I beg of you, heal this woman, who wanted only to free her sister from the grip of General Lionwhyte.” — Lars Halford

Kill Master's Mercy is the fourth story story mission in Brütal Legend.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Eddie Riggs returns to Bladehenge after freeing the Headbangers from the Crushing Pit, only to find Ophelia gravely wounded. Lars comes to her side and asks if she tried to free the girls, to which she replies "They're already free", before passing out. Lars runs into the distance with Ophelia in his arms, and Eddie must meet him at the base of the mountain. There, Lars explains that atop the mountain lives a mystical healer known as the Kill Master. Lita Halford and a small group of Headbangers meet them there before they are ambushed by the Hair Metal Militia.


No rush.

The player will have to fight their way to the top of the mountain, fighting Hairbangers, Bouncers, and Punishing Parties along the way. There will be a section were the Dominatrices can only be defeated with Clementine attacks, due to their distance from the player. Twice during the mission, the Headbangers will yell out "Stampede!'". This signals an impending Raptor Elk stampede; it can stopped by double teaming with the Headbangers. Once the player reaches the top, the mission is completed.

Brütal Defeat[]

The death of Lars and Ophelia.

The mission will fail if:

  • The player dies.
  • Lars and Ophelia take too much damage.

In the latter case, a short cutscene will be shown, in which Lars and Ophelia drop to the ground, dead.


  • Believer -- Ozzy Osbourne