Brutal Legend Wiki
Habitat Feeding Area, Temple of Ormagöden
Disposition Hostile
Locomotion Stationary
Speed Slow
Attacks Slams head on the ground dealing massive damage

The Lamprey is a giant creature and the first boss in Brütal Legend, encountered during the mission "Welcome to the Age of Metal".


The Lamprey is a gigantic tapeworm-like creature vaguely reminescent of a vertebral column, and exists only to gorge itself on the sacrifices that the Druids bring to its Feeding Area. Aside from a three-tongued mouth and the numerous horns, its head sports piercings and leather straps that shows a demonic orgin.


Eddie and Ophelia encounter the Lamprey as they are trying to escape the Temple of Ormagöden. Eddie drives his Deuce around the Feeding Area, using turbo to evade the Lamprey's attacks. Eddie then uses Earthshaker whilst Ophelia goads the beast to bring down the gates, skewering the creature. Even after this grievous injure however, it rises up and flails around wildly, causing the Feeding Area gate to come crashing down and the bridge leading to the mainland to collapse.


Single Player

The Lamprey's body is immune to all form of damage and can be defeated only making it slam its head onto the ground, resulting each time in one of its three mouth tentacles getting stuck in place, thus becoming vulnerable to be rammed with the Deuce. If Eddie is driving the Deuce the Lamprey will try to topple the car either bashing its head or sweeping the area with its body but, if Eddie dismounts, the demon will devour him with a quick bite (leaving only his severd leg behind).


The Lamprey attacking Ironheade units in multiplayer.

The Lamprey plays a vital role in the multiplayer map Feeding Area in which the middle section of the map is vulnerable to its attack. It deals heavy damage to any units and avatars that come in its proximity whilst it is out of the pool located in the centre of the feeding area. Units must cross the feeding area in order to reach a small island housing two fan leeches.

Due to the high speed of their motorcycles, units such as Fire Barons and Tick Choppers can make it past the Lamprey in the Feeding Area unharmed. However, these units deal minimal damage against Fan Leeches and merch booths, and are left in a vulnerable state if they are attacking buildings.