Lars Halford
King of Ironheade
Lars Ironheade
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Ironheade
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Skin Tone Light
Weapons Battle Cry (sword)
“The powerful music of the past, you almost made us forget it. Almost. Today we shall hear it again, the music of the free people. From the singing of our blades through your flesh, to the pounding of our fists into your skull. For the honor of Bladehenge, for the freedom of its people, and for the glory of its METAL!” — Lars Halford

Lars Halford is the older brother of Lita Halford and the leader of Ironheade, the human resistance against Emperor Doviculus and his army of demons, the Tainted Coil. He wields the blade 'Battle Cry', once owned by the legendary warrior Riggnarok and is descended from the last human king.

Story Edit

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After Ophelia arrives back in Bladehenge with Eddie Riggs, Lars takes some time to listen to Eddie's story about the other world. Lars was so amazed by Eddie's story and Ormagoden's reason of bringing Eddie to their world, that he decided to name Eddie as the new leader of his resistance, but Eddie refuses, seeing Lars as the true leader and decided to serve under him to help with the army. This is where Eddie's expertise as a roadie comes in. He sets out to find him an army fit for a king, starting with the Headbangers.

Raising an Army

Murder Mountain

When Eddie returned, Lars realized that Ophelia was missing. Ophelia later returned, battered and bruised from Razorfire Boars, who attacked her while she was attempting to equip the women that were saved from General Lionwhyte, who is Lars' archenemy. Lars hurried alongside Eddie while carrying Ophelia to the Kill Master, who's healing tune can heal her wounds. However, the Kill Master's bass guitar strings were too weak to heal Ophelia, so Lars offers to go into the Spider's Lair and obtain larger and stronger strings. Lita tries to stop him, saying that it was too dangerous and that he should let Ophelia go, Lars and Lita then get into a fight about whether or not they should let Ophelia die.

Lita disliked Ophelia due to her parent's history in the Black Tear Rebellion, a group of people who gave in to the power of the Sea of Black Tears and were driven insane, but Lars trusted Ophelia and believed in the friendship he had with her. While the two fought, Eddie left to get the web needed to heal Ophelia, later, Eddie returned with the web, and the Kill Master successfully healed Ophelia, who thanked Lars for bringing her to the Kill Master. After Ophelia was healed, Eddie recruited the Kill Master and his men, the Thunderhogs. Later Ophelia recruited the women she saved, armed them with weapons, and re-named them the Razor Girls, finally, Lars had an army large enough to save man kind.

Tour of Destruction

Then, General Lionwhyte's forces arrived to attack Bladehenge, but not before Eddie built a stage big enough to support Lars and the rest of Ironheade. Lionwhyte soon arrived to deal with Ironheade, but he and his troops were defeated, forcing the long-haired general to flee. Lars became proud of his troops, they were ready to free the humans from Doviculus and Lionwhyte, so he organized a mission to infiltrate Lionwhyte's headquarters. After getting through a fleet of Bouncers, Lionwhyte fired them for their stupidity, and Lars took them in. Along with the Bouncers, came Ophelia's friends, the ones who smuggled the women out of Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower, the Roadies. Ironheade successfully sneaks into the Pleasure Tower, where a cruel banner hung from the entrance. It showed a fatter, much weaker version of Lars; when he saw the banner, Lars was more eager than before to slay his nemesis, stating "No one shall kill Lionwhyte this day but I." Lionwhyte was actually waiting for Lars and the rest of Ironheade to arrive, he tried to convince them that he was protecting them by showing Doviculus that humanity could be beautiful and profitable.

Lionwhyte's forces retreated, leaving him to fight alone. In the midst of the destruction, Lionwhyte met his end when a giant mirror came falling down towards him. He let out a shriek that destroyed the mirror, but the shriek wasn't strong enough to blow the giant broken glass pieces away, so he was shredded to pieces. Ironheade's victory over evil wasn't the last, Lars knew that in order to truly be free, Doviculus would have to be beaten. But before Ironheade could move out to fight Doviculus, Doviculus arrived to his former general's Pleasure Tower in search of who he thought was Succoria.

Lars Last Words

Doviculus proceeded in taunting and cursing the human race when Lars stepped before him and cursed back, saying that the human race will no longer bow down before him. The wicked emperor pointed his staff at Lars in anger, asking who Lars thought he was, Lars smiled, and told Doviculus that "Humanity has named me...their King!" The demon king then proceeds in stabbing Lars, then throwing him to the floor. In his dying words, he pleads to his friend Eddie to take care of his sister, Lita.

Lars's body was taken to the Kill Master in the hopes of healing him, but it was too late; Lars was dead.


“That was for Lars!” — Eddie Riggs, upon bringing down one of the Black Tear Monster's heads.

Halford Grave

Eddie finally avenges Lars when he kills Doviculus, and saves Ophelia from the Sea of Black Tears. Once Ironheade defeats the Tainted Coil, a large statue of Lars is erected in Bladehenge, to honour his memory since Eddie prefers the backstage life of a roadie to the glory of the spotlight.

After the campaign mode has been beaten, Eddie can visit Lars at his grave, along with Lita kneeling in front of it in his honor.

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Quotes Edit

No one shall kill Lionwhyte this day but I.
— Lars Halford
No sleep until Battersmith!
— Lars Halford
The plan? The plan is Victory.
— Lars Halford
How long do you think I should let my hair grow?
— Lars Halford
I have a good feeling about this battle.
— Lars Halford
My little sister, nothing can shake my faith in our cause.
— Lars Halford
My little sister... you must take care of her.
— Lars Halford's last words

Characteristics Edit

His sword is engraved with the Battle Cry tablature. It is suggested that this blade may have been left behind by the legendary hero Riggnarok and its hilt matches the one Riggnarok is seen holding in the Legend telling the story of the Black Tear Rebellion. Lars's sword was actually handed to him by Ophelia's father, who also told him that by owning this sword he becomes the king of the human revolution.

Double Team Edit

Lars Halford stands on Eddie's shoulders while shouting a motivational speech praising Ironheade and bashing the Hair Metal Militia. He attacks with his sword that leaves a large arc.


  • His appearance is based on both Robert Plant (vocalist of Led Zeppelin) and Dave Mustaine (vocalist and co-lead guitarist of Megadeth).
  • The statue of Lars, which is unveiled during the final cutscene, never appears in gameplay. It is seen only in the cutscene and a loading screen of the statue in front of the sword statue at Bladehenge.
  • Despite Lars's stoic and passionate nature, it is shown that he seems to possess self-esteem issues about his appearance. He is usually heard asking if he should grow his hair out or if he has something in his teeth, and takes Lionwhyte's obese illustration of him personally. He even mentions that he did over 300 sit-ups shortly after.


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