Laser Panther
Lazer Panther Close Up
Habitat Jungle and Swamp Regions
Disposition Hostile
Locomotion Walk/Run
Speed Fast
Attacks Claws, Can shoot lasers from eyes.
Double Team Player can control lasers with high rate of fire.

The Laser Panther is a creature in Brütal Legend that inhabits the Jungle and Swamp regions of the Brütal Land.

Description Edit

This beast is capable of attacking by clawing at the enemy and shooting lasers from its eyes to attack units over a long distance. After being stunned with the Shocker move, they become ridable, and are capable of moving at high speeds. The Hunter tasks the player with killing 6 of them during the Overslaughter saga.

Trivia Edit

  • Queen Rima of the Zaulia wears a hat made from a Laser Panther's head.
  • Similar to the Laser Panther, there is a pyrokinetic cougar who can set fire to the player in the first game by Double Fine Productions, Psychonauts.
  • In the game Costume Quest, another game by Double Fine Productions, the player character can transform into a giant panther, which is a direct reference to Brutal Legend. Tim Schafer also revealed via Twitter that the Laser Panther would make an appearance in the game.
  • When Eddie completes Laser Panther for the Overslaughter Saga, Eddie quips that they are "Way too cool to become hats."
  • The Double Team attack can be done in rapid succession, making it the only "Semi-Auto" Double Team attack in the game.
  • The Lightning Rod is also capable of stunning a Laser Panther

Gallery Edit

Achievements/Trophies Edit

Riding a Laser Panther is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Beast Master
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Rode every animal in the world.
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