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A nightmare is sent.
“Send me a nightmare!” — Doviculus

Launch of Death is a Tainted Coil guitar solo that summons the Coil's most powerful unit, the Bleeding Death.


After recruiting a Bleeding Death, this guitar solo fires an Iron Maiden from the stage to the player's location, releasing the Bleeding Death on impact. This unit does not obey orders, and is only on the battlefield for a limited amount of time.

The Iron Maiden causes massive damage to anyone or anything near the landing site and can instantly kill most units and avatars. Players are advised to move out of the way once the solo is finished playing.


  • Launch of Death and Weeping Heavens are the only guitar solos in Brütal Legend that launch something from the stage.
  • The Bleeding Death arriving in an iron maiden is an obvious ode to British Heavy Metal Band Iron Maiden.