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Lightning Rod
Ranged vehicle
Hit Points 43
Attack Damage 2dmg
Double Team Chained Lightning Shot (5.5dmg 8-unit-AOE at full charge)
Fan Cost 250
Load 5 (1 unit, 5 load each)
Special Traits Attacks can stun basic units
“And THAT, my friends, is why alternating current is NOT safe for household use!” — Sparky

The Lightning Rod is a Drowning Doom ranged vehicle.


The Lightning Rod makes its first appearance among the final wave of Doom units during "Doom's Dawn". It appears mainly during Stage Battles throughout the missions that follow. Out in the world, Lightning Rods can be found accompanying Organists on patrol in the Dry Ice Mines and near the cave entrance leading to the Sea of Black Tears.


Ranged vehicle. Lightning Rods are the Doom's equivalent to the Headsplitter and Skull Raker. When attacking, the top of the car opens up to bring up a man in prison garb strapped to an electric chair. By electrocuting the driver of the Lightning Rod, a bolt of lightning is thrown at enemy units. Some enemies can be stunned by its attacks.

Double Team[]

Drowned Ophelia riding the Lightning Rod in the Doom's Mire multiplayer map, during the PC multiplayer beta.

Ridable vehicle. Drowned Ophelia can aim and fire the Lightning Rod's weapon.

The weapon also can be charged up by holding the Fire button, allowing the bolt of electricity to jump across multiple targets and deal more damage; the longer the charge, the more targets are affected, up to a maximum of eight.


Yes! A pardon from the Queen!
— Lightning Rod when double teamed with
Let's stir up some excitement!
— Lightning Rod when double teamed with
Time to share the wealth!
— Lightning Rod when driven
All right, who's first?
— Lightning Rod when double teamed with
Come on, let's fry some of those guilty looking bastards!
— Lightning Rod when idle
You drive, I'll keep charging!
— Lightning Rod when double teamed with
I say we fry em all!
— Lightning Rod when double teamed with
— Lightning Rod when double team is cancelled
Write me, okay?! Letters are all I got.
— Lightning Rod when idle
Put in a word with the Governor for me, Okay?
— Lightning Rod when double team is cancelled
— Lightning Rod when removing a fan leech
My scalp is smoking, and so are you babe!
— Lightning Rod when idle
Drown with me!
— Lightning Rod when double teamed with
— Lightning Rod when attacking the enemy megastage


Concept art for the Lightning Rod.
  • The driver of the Lightning Rod is referred to as "Sparky" by Ophelia.
  • The Lightning Rod seems to be based on a Ford Model T or T-Bucket.
  • The Double Team functions in a similar manner to the Ironheade Headsplitter.
  • Despite "Sparky" being strapped in an electric chair, the top edge of the chamber is lined with barbed wire, like the outer walls of a prison.