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Lita Halford
Human Rebel
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Ironheade
Hair Color Blonde, shoulder-length
Eye Color Blue
Skin Tone Light
Weapons Halberd
Voiced By Kath Soucie
“My brother saw goodness in people. Even in people for whom I had nothing but suspicion. Now I hope we can stand together. I hope we can all stand together. For the honor of Bladehenge, for the freedom of its people, and for the glory of its METAL!” — Lita Halford

Lita Halford is a character in Brütal Legend and the younger sister of Lars Halford. She accepts Eddie Riggs as an ally in the resistance movement against Emperor Doviculus (despite her suspicion of Eddie the day he arrived in Bladehenge). She is extremely distrustful of Ophelia due to her parents having been in the Black Tear Rebellion.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Lita is one of the few humans not enslaved by the Tainted Coil or General Lionwhyte and lives with her brother Lars Halford and Ophelia at Bladehenge.

Ironheade's Uprising

When Ophelia brings Eddie Riggs to the settlement, Lita is wary of him, but listens to him explain how he reached their world. She reacts with disbelief at the notion that Eddie's belt buckle was responsible for transporting him into the Brutal Land, as the buckle is made in the image of Ormagoden, the creator of the world. Due to a prophecy that Ormagoden would bring a warrior into the world to either destroy or deliver humanity (Lita sides with the 'destroy' interpretation), Lita, along with Lars and Ophelia view Eddie as the 'chosen one' spoken of in the legend. Although Lita suggests that Eddie must really want to return to his own world, Eddies dismisses her and begins planning with Lars on how to liberate humanity from Lionwhyte and the Coil.

After Eddie frees the Headbangers from the Crushing Pit, he introduces them to Lars and Lita back at Bladehenge. When Ophelia appears, mortally wounded from an unknown escapade, Lars resolves to take her to the Kill Master, a medicine-man who lives near the summit of Tophat Mountain. Lita tries to stop him, believing that Lionwhyte and his troops will be looking for them and that they all need to lie low for a while. When Lars ignores her and sets out for the mountain, she tries to get Eddie to stop him on her behalf, but Eddie dismisses her again, saying he intends to give Lars a ride there instead. Left with no real options, Lita follows them, catching up at the base of Tophat Mountain.

After helping the others fight through Lionwhyte's troops to reach the summit, Lita and the others discover only the Metal Queen is capable of spinning bass strings thick enough for the kind of deep riff able to heal Ophelia. Lita sees it as too dangerous to attempt and tries to stop Lars, asking him to just 'let her go.' Lars accuses her of wanting Ophelia to die, causing Lita to react with some shock despite her obvious distrust of Ophelia. While she argues with Lars, Eddie slips away and manages to recover the bass strings from the Metal Queen's Lair.

The march on Battersmith

When Lionwhyte attacks Bladehenge later on, Lita is at first reluctant to stand her ground, stating that Bladehenge isn't a fortress. When Eddie has an idea for defending against the approaching army however, she joins the others in preparing for battle. Once the Megastage has been set up, she marvels at the activity of a nearby Fan Geyser, saying the ancient Titans were said to have used a mystical force to power their entire civilization.

After a spirited battle, Ironheade is victorious at Bladehenge and begins their Tour of Destruction to bring down Lionwhyte. When trying to pass through The Cleave of the Impaler, Lita challenges a trio of newcomers who arrive from the other side, thinking they must be Lionwhyte's men. Ophelia rebukes her, as they are working with her to liberate the Razor Girls from Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower. Eddie further elaborates on their identity, revealing them as Roadies, though Lita is confused by the characteristics he points out, not understanding their significance.

Although Ironheade is able to make it through the Cleave, Lionwhyte has left a banner for them, depicting Lars as a balding potbelly. When Ophelia remarks that they should take it down before Lars sees it, since it would 'break his heart', Lita asks if that is because Ophelia wants to do that herself, again showing her distrust despite the help of Ophelia's Roadies.

Lita assists in the battle against Lionwhyte at the Pleasure Dome and following his defeat, expresses some reservation at Lars' conviction to bring down Emperor Doviciulus next. Shortly afterwards, Doviculus arrives to investigate the disruption at the Pleasure Dome and while Lita and her friends hide, he rambles about Succoria's 'mission' while looking around for them. As he speaks, it seems to Lita that Succoria is in fact, Ophelia, especially when Doviculus produces the blade Ophelia left behind while escaping from the Temple of Ormagöden.

Lars then jumps out of hiding to confront Doviculus, but the Emperor merely impales him with his glaive-like weapon after Lars reveals his position as leader of Ironheade. This spurs Lita and the others out of hiding immediately to try and help Lars, but he dies before they can do anything. Doviculus then departs, leaving the Pleasure Dome to be razed by a horde of Bleeding Death demons.

Death's Clutch

Lita boarded Ironheade's bus and managed to escape the tower's destruction, but she unboarded on the way to Death's Clutch to confront Ophelia, who had escaped with Eddie in the Deuce. Lita accuses Ophelia of betraying the army by revealing their location to Doviculus, on the grounds that Ophelia is a tear drinker like her parents and strikes out at her in anger, but her attempt to kill her is stopped by Eddie.

Eddie too became distrustful of Ophelia and left her behind as he headed for Death's Clutch with Lita. Regrouping with Ironheade, Eddie and Lita found the Kill Master trying to heal Lars' fatal wound, but ultimately failing. In mourning, Lita wept on her brother's body.



Lita Halford is a woman of few words, but has a "stubborn and forceful personality," as Eddie has said. When confronted with the Deuce for the first time, she mistook it for a demon, stabbing it in the wheel. She is extremely protective of her brother Lars, whom she loves dearly, and does not give away her trust easily. However, she does have an argument with her brother about whether Lars gives Ophelia too much credit.

In between tour preparations, Eddie can find her training with her favourite dummy modelled after Lionwhyte, without showing any sign of fatigue. She only rests and takes a more commanding position after Lars's death. After the campaign is completed, Eddie can find her training dummy left alone in Bladehenge.

Despite her attitude, Lita is moved to tears a few times during the game - first when Eddie stops her from striking down Ophelia, where you can see that her eyeliner has been running, and later, when the Kill Master had no hope of saving Lars from his mortal wound (She also cries if you lose the first battle against Drowning Doom). In typical fashion though, she tells Eddie that she'd rather have scorpions run down on her face than tears (Something which Eddie comments would make a pretty cool album cover). She is disgusted by tears and condemns it as a weakness. That alone describes Lita's personality fairly well.

After the death of Lars, Lita tries to be a sensible voice in Ironheade, speaking out whenever Eddie's plans seem too outrageous, such as when she was expected to tame the Metal Beasts with her 'forceful personality'. She also develops a sense of humour (though it is very dry) later in the game.

Lita is very identifiable in the chaotic battlefield due her blunt bang blonde hair and a signature halberd weapon. She has an early 80s style of heavy metal with tattoos on both of her shoulders, which is quite different from Ophelia's gothic and modern style (casual and jeans). She is also more muscular than other female characters in the game, suggesting her superior physical strength. This was also evident through her Double Team, where Eddie lifts her up to perform a stunning acrobatic attack.

Despite her upset after Lars' death, and the pressure of having to become the leader of the rebellion due to his death, Lita's personality becomes less stern and serious during the second-half of the game, smiling a lot more and joking a lot more often, such as sarcastically commenting on how it'd be 'easy' to tame the Fire Beasts, and preemptively getting into Eddie's car when they know they need to go back to Bladehendge in The Unhealing Wound.

Lita's distrust of Eddie eases by the end of the campaign, where she muses aloud that she and Eddie never seem to have time to get to know each other. Eddie is asleep though, and Lita lets the thought go in favour of preparing for the next Stage Battle.

Double Team[]

Eddie double teams with Lita during the "March to Impalement" mission.

Lita leaps into the air and Eddie catches the dull end of her halberd, leaving her balancing upside-down on the top. When Eddie triggers the attack, he tosses Lita up in the air, and she performs a mid-air spin that ends with her driving her halberd into the ground and causing a massive shockwave, similar to the Double Team attack of the Bouncer.


  • After finishing the game, Eddie can visit her in the Bladehenge Graveyard to the southeast of Bladehenge itself, kneeling before her brother's grave in mourning. She kneels down in front of Lars' grave with Eddie for as long as the players chooses to kneel down by her side.
  • Kath Soucie also voiced the character Maureen in Full Throttle, another Tim Schafer game.
  • Lita is modelled after Lita Ford's appearance during her popularity in the 80s. Her name is an amalglamation of Lita Ford and Rob Halford of Judas Priest, both of whom have voice-acting roles in the game as well.


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