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Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Ironheade
Hair Color Black, long
Eye Color Brown
Skin Tone Light
Personal Vehicle Tour Bus
Voiced By Alex Fernandez
“What's an engineer?” — Mangus

Mangus is an Ironheade engineer and ally of Eddie Riggs. He also acts as a roadie, helping set up the Megastage before stage battles and driving Ironheade's Tour Bus.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Seeing as he wasn't originally part of Ironheade from the beginning (Ophelia tells Eddie when they first meet that the "army" was her, Lars and Lita), he was most likely recruited at some point after the Thunderhogs were recruited into Ironheade, but before the Razor Girls officially joined Ironheade. During battles, Mangus takes commands from Eddie and assists in mobilizing the troops. Mangus also drives the Tour Bus during escort missions.



  • After defeating Doviculus and finishing the main campaign, Mangus can be found at Bladehenge, seen through the landmark viewer there.
  • His name is a portmanteau of the names names Malcolm and Angus Young, the two originators of the Australian rock band AC/DC.
  • He wears a diaper in order to avoid unnecessary pit stops when driving the bus, something he is very sensitive about.
  • In the Stage Battles during the main story, Mangus acts like the RTS announcer (He keeps Eddie/The Player apprised as to what is going on as far as the direction the enemies are coming from, etc.).
  • Mangus bears many similarities to Otto the Bus Driver from the hit T.V. show, The Simpsons. Both drive a bus to transport the main characters, speak in a stereotypical stoner voice, have dark, shoulder-length hair, are constantly wearing headphones, enjoy heavy metal music, and often seem unprepared to deal with disaster.
    • Given these many common traits, it is possible that Tim Schafer got the idea for Mangus' personality from Otto. However, it is also possible that both Tim Schafer and Matt Groening (the director and animator of The Simpsons) were simply trying to create a parody of the stereotypical heavy metal fan in the 1980's. Making the two characters' similarities merely a coincidence.


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