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March to Impalement
March to Impalement
Location The Cleave of the Impaler
Given By Roadie
Previous Pilgrimage of Screams
Next Sanctuary of Sin
Rewards 30 Fire Tributes
Start Battersmith
End Pleasure Tower
“Let's hear it for the road crew!” — Eddie Riggs

"March to Impalement" is the eleventh story mission in Brütal Legend.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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After bringing down the walls of Battersmith, The Cleave of the Impaler is the one obstable that stands between Ironheade and Lionwhyte's Pleasure Tower. To cross, they must fist bypass the impaler towers that stand vigil in the within. With the help of the Roadies, Eddie Riggs prepares to violate the cleave.


The Roadies challenge Eddie to take on the Cleave.

To dismantle the first tower, the player must use the move command the Roadies to attack the nearby tower by highlighting it with a beacon of light. Once the first tower is brought down, Eddie notices the next tower is mounted on the wall. To sneak past, the player must double team with the roadies to utilise their stealth and get past. The player can sneak through the hole on the right, or simply attack at the wall on the left. With the powerful feedback from their amps, the player can destroy the Hairbangers that are remotly controlling the towers.

Once this is done, Lars and Lita Halford, along with Ophelia and a Headbanger unit, rendezvous with Eddie. The player is introduced to individual orders, which needs to be used to select just the Roadies to move ahead. After the final tower is destroyed, the Hair Metal Militia launch a last stand alongside Tainted Coil Hierarchy Units at the end of the cleave. After all enemies are routed, the Brutal Victory message will appear.

Eddie and Ophelia observe the banner hung by Lionwhyte for Ironheade's arrival, which depicts Lars as balding and potbellied alongside the phrase "Welcome Dirtbags". Ophleia says that they should take it down, thinking it will break Lars' heart, but Lita walks past and asks if that's because she was hoping to break it herself. Ophelia believes that, because of her heritage, people can't trust her. To show his trust for her, Eddie gives her his mother's necklace, saying it's all he has of her, and he will trust her no matter what happens. Lars suddenly sees the banner and remarks that no one will kill Lionwhyte but he.


  • Tag Team -- Anvil
  • March of the Crabs -- Anvil


  • Near the end of the Cleave, Eddie can hear two Hairbangers talking about their hair routine in a long discussion. Eddie will stop the conversation if he attacks them.
  • This mission serves as the tutorial on how to give Individual Orders to your units.