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This section is a nifty to-do list of things that need doing around the wiki. Wanna help out? Look no further!

Current Projects

  • Images - A lot of the images on this wiki are low quality. If you can take high-quality screenshots, please feel free to replace some of the older, lower quality ones.
  • Result -- These sections note the effects of the players actions after the mission is completed. This includes changes to the game world. See the "Result" section of To the Slaughter for reference.
  • Loot sections -- One for every location need to be added. Bullets listing every collectible found in that location and where to find them should be added.
  • Brütal Defeat -- This subsection lists all ways the player can possibly fail a mission. These should be included under the Walkthrough section. The words "Brütal Defeat" should be in Heading 3 format. After the bullet points, a short paragraph can describe in detail the cutscene that plays out.
  • Images Categorisation -- Images need to be categorised. Pictures of characters belong in that category, images of cutscenes belong in the Missions category, pictures of places belong in the Locations category etc.
  • Image Captions -- Captions need not be complete sentences, but they must also abide by the other policies of the wiki. They should also be short and informative, and need to be properly punctuated.
  • Concept Art -- The Concept Art page is missing a lot of the game's concept art. Images of concept art should be added to the page in the correct section and in the correct order within those sections.

Pages That Need to be Created

None at the moment. Have any ideas for a new page? Ask an admin!

Need Help?

I adopted this wiki on December 15, 2011. If you have any questions, objections, or interjections, feel free to drop a message on my talk page or contact another administrator.

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