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“Get those fuckers off our stage!” — Eddie Riggs

The Megastage is a faction's base in stage battles. Destroying them is the key to brutal victory in Brütal Legend.


Like Fan Leeches, this building cannot be directly attacked by avatars, who must instead command other units to do so. Each stage has 10 yellow lights that act as a health bar for the stage. Once every light falls off, the stage will be destroyed. Every faction must spawn units from their stage, with the exception of the Tainted Coil, whose stage only spawns Heirarchy units. After enough Fans are accumulated in battle, a stage can be technologically upgraded, allowing for more advanced units and solos. The Megastages are unique in design to the three factions that us them: Ironheade's stage is built in the likeness of Ormagöden (actually the same stage as seen in the intro cinematic), the Drowning Doom's stage resembles a haunted house (with a hatch on top for the Dirgible and the Tree Back to deploy from), and the Tainted Coil's stage is actually another demon that functions as a stage which has teeth, gums, and it bleeds when attacked.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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During the mission "Battle for Bladehenge" Ironheade spots Hair Metal Militia units on the move, ready to attack Bladehenge. Using his knowledge as a roadie, Eddie Riggs builds the world's first Megastage with the help of their engineer, Mangus. Using what she learned from Eddie, Drowned Ophelia makes her own stage for the Drowning Doom, first seen in the mission "Dry Ice, Wet Graves". The Tainted Coil and Hair Metal Militia never build a Megastage in the single player campaign.

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