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The first Merch Booth in recorded history, built on the fields of Bladehenge.
“You see Mangus, band merchandise is like a wedding ring. It's a material thing, yes, but it's also a symbol of a deeper devotion that helps remind you-” — Eddie Riggs, before being cut off.

A Merch Booth is built over a Fan Geyser when an Avatar plays the Fan Tribute solo next to it. Merch Booths guide any Fans that come from the geyser over to that faction's Megastage. Merch booths can be destroyed by other factions so that they can claim the fan geyser for themselves. Acquiring, defending, and destroying merch booths is vital to victory in stage battles.


  • Ironheade, the first faction to utilise Merch Booths, have a large skull and exhaust pipes on the top of their booths to guide fans to their stage. Eddie Riggs had the Merch Booth built to give the fans what he knew they'd want. "T-shirts, posters, maybe hats."
  • The Hair Metal Militia copy the Ironheade style for Merch Booths, but make cosmetic changes to fit their overall theme (such as a long blonde wig on the head of the Merch Booth based on General Lionwhyte's appearance).
  • The Drowning Doom refer to their Merch Booths as the Well of Souls, and as expected, has the look of an old well on top of a large earthy mound, but with t-shirts and posters.
  • The Tainted Coil "Merch Booth" is a Grand Digester. The merchandise is located in the mouth of the Grand Digester, consisting primarily of T-shirts.


  • The Drowning Doom's Well of souls could be a reference to candlemass's song, the Well Of Souls.