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Metal Beast
Large Anti-personnel Short-range Infantry
Hit Points 36
Attack Damage 6dmg
Double Team Fire Breath (2.5dmg/sec)
Counter Unit To Infantry
Fan Cost 200
Load 4 (1 unit, 4 load each, 10 unit limit)
“I wasn't riding them. I was holding on for my life. There's no way to really ride these things.” — Lita Halford
“Not true, the Zaulia do it all the time.” — The Baron

The Metal Beast is an Ironheade short-range infantry unit that specializes in destroying infantry.


“Tamed only by the gentle touch of the Zaulia, Metal Beasts are a vicious foe in battle against infantry.” — Tour Book

The only people who can tame Metal Beasts are the Zaulia, a tribe of warrior women living in the Temple of the Zaulia. Wild Metal Beasts are found in the Jungle and Swamp regions of the Brütal Land, while those ridden by the Zaulia can be found accompanying Ironheade squads in the same areas and in the ruins surrounding the Sea of Black Tears.

The Metal Beasts play a major role during the mission "A Number Of The Beasts", in which Eddie Riggs concocts a plan to enlist them into Ironheade. With the help of Lita Halford and The Baron, he captures a few Metal Beasts, but before he can figure out how to tame them, the group is surrounded by the Zaulia, warrior-women who are the companions and protectors of the beasts. After revealing that he is the son of Riggnarok, Rima and her beasts join the cause.


Large short-range infantry, melee infantry-killer. These animals can breathe fire over a short distance, scorching any enemies in the area, though this does little to no damage to vehicles like the Brood.

Metal Beasts are an alternative to Fire Barons in terms of the player's anti-infantry arsenal. They are most effective against bunched-up infantry, as their fire breath can hit more than one enemy standing in front of them. As infantry units, they can also be healed by Thunderhogs between skirmishes.

Double Team[]

“Grab a hunk of hair and hang on, hosing enemies down with the Beast's pitiless breath.” — Instruction Manual

Ridable infantry. Eddie can Double Team with the Metal Beast, after which he can aim and fire the Beast's potent breath weapon.

Like the regular fire breath, this attack can hit more than one enemy if they are inside the flame cone. Eddie can perform this double team with both wild Metal Beasts wandering the jungle (after the Zaulia join Ironheade) and Metal Beasts tamed and ridden by the Zaulia.


Concept art for the Metal Beast.
  • The Zaulia riders of the Metal Beasts are voiced by Nika FuttermanGrey DeLisle and Lita Ford as Rima.
  • If at any time during a Stage Battle, there are no Metal Beasts on the field, the next Metal Beast built will be ridden by Rima.
  • The Metal Beasts are modelled more specifically towards the appearance of Gene Simmons (the bassist of KISS) in costume, as opposed to Rima resembling Peter Criss (the drummer of KISS) more so.
  • Like some Drowning Doom units, Metal Beasts can lose body parts when they sustain damage (their ears and most of their tail).
  • During the mission "A Number Of The Beasts", Eddie asks why he hasn't seen any Metal Beast kittens around, to which he does not get a reply.
  • Killing fifteen enemies while Double Teaming with a Metal Beast and wearing the Zaulia Threads will earn the player the A Face Like a Beast achievement/trophy.
  • The player can still move, albeit slowly, while the Double Team is active.



Double Teaming with a Metal Beast is required to unlock the following Achievement/Trophy:

A Face Like A Beast
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Kill 15 enemies with a Metal Beast while wearing the Zaulia Threads. (Requires the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC)