The Metal Queen
Metal Queen
Habitat Spider Lair
Disposition Hostile
Speed Slow
Attacks Strikes with metal blades, sends out spider swarms
Special Features Can shoot acidic streams at the player
“But we don't go into her lair anymore... Lest she bite us in half, suck out our innards, and lay her eggs in our eye sockets.” — Kill Master

The Metal Queen Chrome Recluse is a giant metallic spider, and the boss encountered during the mission "Lair of the Metal Queen".


“So when the Kill Master says Metal Queen, does he mean like a regular spider but with a crown?” — Eddie Riggs

The spider queen is the fearsome matriarch of the Metal Spiders. She resides at the heart of the Spider Lair, where she commands her swarm. In addition to her normal strike attacks, she can shoot acid and shake the ground.

Story Edit

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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In an effort to arm the newly freed Razor Girls, Ophelia is gravely injured, and the Kill Master's strings are not thick enough to cure her. In order to heal her, Eddie Riggs must retrieve bass strings from the Metal Queen's nest. Upon arrival, Eddie slays her, takes her strings, and makes his getaway on a Makeshift Trike.



  • Metal Queen is a possible reference to Lee Aaron, fronted by female lead vocalist of the same name, whose second album was titled Metal Queen after the title track.