Brutal Legend Wiki
Metal Spider
Spider Pyro
Habitat Spider Lair, Western Continent
Disposition Usually Hostile, except for the few that serve Kill Master
Speed Medium
Attacks Leaps at enemies
Special Features Can weave Bass guitar strings

The Metal Spider is a creature in Brütal Legend encountered in the Spider Lair and around The Thunderhorn.


These spiders serve the Metal Queen, and can typically be found around her lair in the northern mountain region. They tend to attack in groups so they can overwhelm the player. Eddie Riggs must defeat several of them during "Lair of the Metal Queen" in order to reach the Queen and retrieve heavy duty bass strings for Ophelia.

In addition to the normal-sized version, there are tiny spider swarms that will cover the player and slowly deal damage. They can only be defeated with an Earthshaker attack. While most are hostile, some serve the Kill Master on Tophat Mountain, where they weave his healing bass strings.

When encountered in the wild, Eddie can stun and ride Metal Spiders.



Riding a Metal Spider is required to unlock the following achievement/trophy:

Beast Master
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Rode every animal in the world.