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Pit Boss
Gender Male
Race Bouncer
Faction Hair Metal Militia
Skin Tone Light
Special Features Uses massive spiked fists to attack
Weapons Spiked Fists
“You think you killed them all, don't you? Well, you forgot my favourites, my managers. The ones who keep all the other workers in line, the only two I know I can always count on. FEAR! And PAIN!” — 'Mittens'

"Mittens" is the name that Eddie Riggs mockingly calls the Bouncer Pit Boss in charge of the Crushing Pit. He oversees the workforce of Headbangers and the Bouncers that maintain order.


The Season of Pain is upon us....
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Mittens up close and personal.

When the initial force of Hairbangers fail to stop Eddie and his recently freed Headbangers, he orders his loyal workforce to damage the supports of the Grinding Gyre and make the Headbangers on top of it drop to the lava and die, claiming that he would "rather see them dead than free."

When he is defeated by Eddie Riggs, he falls onto the Gyre's platform and calls for all remaining forces to destroy the Gyre's supports by calling a "code red". He is then knocked off the gyre, by the wheel that his workforce is pushing and falls into the lava to his death. Eddie uses his headset's microphone to broadcast his Battle Cry solo to bring the rest of the Headbangers to the rebellion.

He is the first boss that Eddie Riggs fights without having access to the Deuce.



He is ruthless and has greater intelligence compared to other Bouncers. He is distinguished by his shirt with General Lionwhyte's insignia and his two unique spiked gauntlets, his "managers", the only ones he can count on when all others are gone. He calls them FEAR and PAIN (Written on his gauntlets as "FEER" and "PANE", respectively). He has little respect for his workforce, only caring about results.


  • During the start of the Ironheade revolution, Mittens was made employee of the month.
  • His real name is never mentioned, and his nickname "mittens" is mockingly given to him by Eddie due to his large, spiked gauntlets.
  • The words on Mitten's middle knuckles are misspelled. They read "FEER" and "PANE" instead of fear and pain.
  • His dragon-like boots and leg armor, as well as his spiked shoulder pads, are likely a nod to some of the costumes worn by KISS bassist Gene Simmons over the years.


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