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“That's my kind of relic!” — Eddie Riggs

The Motor Forge acts as a shop for players to purchase upgrades and abilities, amongst other things.

Motor Forges are holy temples where the player can spend Fire Tributes on skill and equipment upgrades. This acts as a sort of shop in Brütal Legend, with The Guardian of Metal as the shopkeeper. Before being raised, they look like huge metal engines sticking out of the ground surrounded by Devil Thorns.

To use a Motor Forge, it must first be raised with the Relic Raiser solo. Once raised, only the Deuce, a vehicle made from the flesh of Ormagöden, can enter it.

With the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC, the player can purchase new Deuce Upgrades, as well as other aesthetic options.

Motor Forge Upgrades[]


  • There is a Steam Trading Card called "Motorforge".
  • If the player should die or load up a save file after the main campaign is completed, they will start from the front of the last Motor Forge they visited.
  • Motor Forges are the ONLY collectible to be marked on the world map after they are raised (which can be helpful as they can be used as pseudo-visual landmarks in game), and can be set as a destination for The Deuce by selecting them when in the map screen.