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Mount Rockmore
Rockmore Celebs
From left to right: Eddie Riggs, Lionwhyte, Guardian of Metal, and Kill Master.
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Continent Western Continent
Region Bladehenge, Battersmith
Inhabitants None.
Location map
Mount Rockmore Map


Mount Rockmore is a location on the Western Continent of the Brütal Land.


This location can be found just east of Bladehenge. The rock face consists of four heads that bear the likeness of various characters from Brütal Legend. The player can change the heads to different characters by purchasing their effigies at the Motor Forge and then climbing the Horn Thrower.


Mount Rockmore as it appears at the start of the game: dominated by Lionwhyte faces.
Main article: Mt. Rockmore Effigies

Most of the characters available are those of important members of Ironheade, such as Eddie Riggs or Lars Halford, but it is also possible to place the visages of Ironheade's enemies upon the mountain such as Lionwhyte, Doviculus and Drowned Ophelia.

The Season of Pain is upon us....
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By default, all four heads are those of General Lionwhyte, to constantly remind the oppressed humans of their glam rock overlord. After Ironheade moves to Death's Clutch, however, and the Tainted Coil takes over the Western Continent, the four heads are all changed to those of Doviculus.


  • Mount Rockmore is a reference to Mount Rushmore, which also has the faces of four prominent figures.
  • Mount Rushmore is located in Keystone, South Dakota.


Altering Mt. Rockmore is a requirement to unlock the following achievement/trophy (requires the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC):

Whispering Rock
Bronze PS3 Bronze
Chisel four Razputin heads onto Mount Rockmore.


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