Brutal Legend Wiki
The tour book entry viewed when first entering the Motor Forge.
“For returning the sacred Deuce to the place of its creation, the Titans have awarded you the Mouth of Metal. Now the song of the Titans will follow you wherever you go.” — Tour Book

The Mouth of Metal is a music player for the Deuce that plays unlocked songs from the Brütal Legend soundtrack in single player whilst exploring the world. It is acquired upon raising the first Motor Forge, after which the Guardian of Metal bestows the artefact to Eddie Riggs. Songs for the Mouth of Metal can be obtained by completing missions and raising Buried Metal.


  • The music player is not available during missions.
  • The player can select a "shuffle" option that randomly selects the next song.
  • Song order can be altered according to artist, genre, song name, or allegiance.