Effigy Eddie
“Care to make your mark on the world?” — The Guardian of Metal

Mt. Rockmore Effigies are giant statues depicting characters from Brütal Legend, used to customise Mount Rockmore via the Horn Thrower. They are available for purchase from the Guardian of Metal at Motor Forges for 25 Fire Tributes each.


  • Eddie Riggs
    • "That looks like some guy I used to know."
  • Ophelia
    • "Hello, beautiful."
    • "I hope that doesn't go to her head".
  • Drowned Ophelia
    • "Oh, the young ones and their makeup."
    • "Are you obsessed with that girl?
  • Lars Halford
    • "Ahh, good man there."
    • "That should inspire a few people."
  • Kill Master
    • "Now there's the real deal."
    • "About time someone built that guy a statue."
  • The Baron
    • "Ooh, tough guy."
    • "I guess he's all right."
  • Mangus
    • "Smells better than the original."
    • "Yeah! It's time to honour the road crew."

Hammer of Infinite Fate EffigiesEdit

Razputin Effigy

These effigies are added by the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC and include two individuals who aren't characters in Brütal Legend (Tim Schafer and Razputin).