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The multiplayer part of the main menu.
“Choose the faction you wanna rock for in stage battles for ultimate supremacy!” — Instruction Manual

Multiplayer matches in Brütal Legend consist of stage battles with one to four human players on one side and one to four human or AI players on the other side.

Multiplayer Modes[]

The multiplayer lobby.

Multiplayer is entered from the main game menu. Three modes are available for setting up multiplayer matches. In each mode, players can choose to play as one of three factions: Ironheade, Drowning Doom, or Tainted Coil. Faction choice for each side can be made directly or set randomly. Maps can also be chosen directly or randomly.

When multiple players are in a match, each player will control a separate avatar, but resources such as Fans, units, and guitar solo are shared between all players on a side.

There is no cross-platform play, so players on a given platform (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) can only play against other players on the same platform.

AI Practice[]

“Punish the soulless minions of the AI.” — Instruction Manual

AI Practice mode allows the player to compete solo against an AI opponent at one of five difficulty levels (Most Gentle, Gentle, Normal, Hard, and Brütal). Matches in this mode do not count towards leaderboard rankings or career stats. Matches won at the Brütal difficulty level do count towards some achievements/trophies. Multiple players can team up against the AI, who will have as many avatars as there are players.


“Seek and destroy your friends on any map.” — Instruction Manual

Custom mode allows players to invite friends to compete against each other or to compete together against other players. Matches in this mode do not count towards leaderboard rankings or career stats.


“Random opponents, random maps, no quarter.” — Instruction Manual

Matchmaking mode allows one to four players to be randomly matched up against other players online at the same time. Once "Find Opponents" is chosen, the game will search for other players looking for opponents. When opponents are found, there will be a brief countdown and then the match will begin. Matches in this mode count towards leaderboard rankings and career stats.


The map selection menu.

Seven multiplayer maps ship with Brütal Legend. The Tears of the Hextadon DLC adds two maps and Hammer of Infinite Fate adds four. Each map contains two Megastages and at least three Fan Geysers. Some maps have additional features not found in campaign mode stage battles such as unaligned monsters who may attack either side.

Brütal Legend[]

Tears of the Hextadon[]

Hammer of Infinite Fate[]

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